Warning about fraud by wrong support hotlines

TelefonAgain and again customers ask us because alleged Microsoft employees have called them.
As the caller usually reported in English, they had found malicious software on their computers. These must now be removed by remote maintenance. An allegedly necessary review of the licenses was also advanced as a reason.

The goal of the scammers is to gain access to the computers of their victims in order to actually install malicious software there. In some cases, the victims are then required to pay a large amount for the alleged support.

Fortunately, only a few of our customers have fallen for it so far, as they pointed out that they are already being looked after. To save yourself the subsequent insults by the "hotline", but it is advisable to hang up.

If someone has already accessed your system, disconnect it from the Internet, change your access data for banking, e-mail, online shops, etc. from another computer and have your system checked by experts. It may also be advisable to notify your bank that your computer may have been compromised.

This text makes no claim to completeness and does not represent a substitute for individual advice. Please also note ours Legal Disclaimer.

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