Telephone system in the cloud

Voice over IP (VoIP for short) describes a technique for transmitting voice in computer networks. This technology is used to realize telephony systems on IP infrastructure.


The use of VoIP brings two significant advantages: cost reduction and increased flexibility. The costs can be reduced by means of VoIP-based PBX systems because, among other things, it enables free, multi-site telephony and eliminates the need for a separate infrastructure. The flexibility is increased, for example, by the fact that even home offices can be seamlessly connected to the PBX - and without further operating costs, because a call forwarding as in conventional telephony is eliminated. Also today no longer necessarily separate telephone sets are needed. A small software on a PC and a headset can completely replace this. For more information or a consultation, take contact us.

Mutschler.IT ist Partner der Deutsche Telefon Standard GmbH 

The SIP PBX CentrexX convinces with more than 160 functions - and new ones are added almost daily. The telephone system of the German telephone thus offers a scope of services that corresponds to the functional range of a large classic telephone system. The customers of the German telephone also benefit from extremely high operational reliability. All connections in the data centers and to the technical service partners as well as all important IT structures of the German telephone are doubly secured. The highest possible availability of CentrexX services is thus guaranteed.