Ransomware "Blackmail Trojan"

Currently being warned about a new variant of ransomware.
Ransomware is a digital blackmail in which attacked computer systems, mostly by encryption, are rendered unusable.

The blackmailers then demand a ransom to restore access to the systems. However, it is advised not to comply with these demands, since it is uncertain that the blackmailers really keep their word.

As in the past, personnel departments with e-mails camouflaged as applications will also be attacked in the current version.
These mails refer to current job advertisements and are inconspicuous in the formulation and spelling. Other known variants camouflage themselves as invoices, reminders or lawyers' letters. Since the attackers here prove great "care" and creativity, numerous variants of this kind are to be feared also in the future.

The following measures are therefore essential:

  • Keep your security measures such as system updates and antivirus software up to date.
  • Make sure you have backups that are not accessible from running systems.
  • Never open email attachments with executable content.
    Above all, make sure that you do not activate any macros or confirm or even shut down Windows security advices.
  • Inform your colleagues / employees

In case of doubt, do not open the attachments and if necessary contact the sender by other means.


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