Notebooks, laptops

Notebooks can no longer be thought of as mobile workstations from today's everyday life. Mutschler.IT does not care where you or your employees are. They are under yours Office phone number accessible and connected to the company network.

Lenovo Business Partner

With rugged and reliable notebooks, you can work from anywhere. Mobile data connections in conjunction with VPN enable you to stay in touch with the company and still be flexible.

The physical strain of a laptop in the field service is not to be underestimated.
For example, the devices are opened and closed much more often than with home users, thrown into the trunk more or less rashly in the hurry of everyday life, transported during operation, and so on. Therefore, we select for such applications particularly high-quality processed devices, which are characterized for example by metal hinges or titanium reinforcement. Much of the equipment is also certified to MIL-STD-810G. This certifies particular resistance to: vibration, high and low temperatures, temperature fluctuations, high and low air pressure, humidity and dust.

We also pay special attention to the safety from mobile workstations.

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