Mobile Security

What happens if a notebook or smartphone loses valuable company data? How safe is surfing outside the corporate network? Mobile systems require special measures to protect corporate data.

Notebooks, laptops

Notebooks can no longer be thought of as mobile workstations from today's everyday life. Mutschler.IT does not care where you or your employees are. You are under your ...


Networking via a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is used wherever a secure network connection between two remote sites is to be established. On an expensive leased line can ...



The world out there is evil. It usually takes less than 10 minutes for a vulnerable computer connected to the Internet to become infected or hacked. You know, …


With the virtualization of computers, one can realize impressive cost reductions and increases in flexibility today. Companies that used to have 30 servers running today use three physical machines, and the ...

terminal environments

On the one hand, terminal environments offer many advantages, such as centralized application management and cost reduction, while on the other hand, some requirements for trouble-free operation must be met.


What it means for your business, if the network goes down, you can imagine. Availability and security are top priorities when it comes to planning and running networks ...


So much in advance: coffee machines with network connection, we have not in the program - but at Mutschler.IT you will find (almost) everything on the periphery, which can be connected to a computer.


Whether your employees need to run simple office applications or complex applications on their workstations: Mutschler.IT has the right system for you.


Servers are core components of every IT infrastructure. Their reliability and performance contribute significantly to the productivity of every business. Mutschler.IT offers demand-oriented server systems of every performance class - from simple file servers to small business servers ...